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The Product



With the assistance of trained and experienced manpower; international consultants, their new ideologies and innovations, Prins Polytech is a hallmark in creating the best tanks with utmost customer satisfaction. A warehouse of innovations and a place where quality speaks for itself is what Prins Polytech is all about.

Long back, when Rajasthan was often hit with the scarcity of water, it was difficult for people to store portable water as reserve for further use. Thus, Prins Polytech came up with a visionary idea of manufacturing water tanks for the people to solve their problem of water saving. Not only is the water stored in the Prins Polytech water tanks, but assurance of storing clean, portable water is guaranteed.

PRINS- A name that has created waves when it comes to water storage tanks is into creating double layer and triple water storage solutions that are par excellence and promise quality, longevity, value for money and total customer delight.

Prins Polytech was the first manufacturer of Three Layer water tanks in Rajasthan.  And now, are ready to launch the first FIVE LAYER gold HD tanks in Rajasthan.


Durable: PRINS tanks are durable and everlasting. The utmost quality has been maintained to give the tanks an extra-strength.  The process of production is extremely error free that makes the water tanks completely unbreakable. We make sure that our water tanks transfers from generation to generations as the materials used are special.

Imported Technology: PRINS water tanks are produced with latest technology not only helps in faster rate of production but also enhances the quality of final product. It also makes the production 100% error free.

A TRIPLE LAYER WATER STORAGE TANK is perfect in every sense. It is a one-time investment, which assures lifetime service. It has three layers of HDPE (HIGH DENSITY POLY ETHYLENE PLASTIC). These layers are fused together that adds to strength, longevity which makes the tank unbreakable and at the same time ensures that you get clean bacteria free and hygienic water at any given point in time. It also reduces the heating of water during the hot months.

Competent with three layers:



Royal Blue– This layer color makes the PRINS water tanks attractive and adds rigidity and strength. It is a symbol of cleanliness and is made from 100% virgin material.

Super White- This layer adds to rigidity and strength reduces water heating, especially in the hot months and is made from 100% virgin material.



Black as a protective layer, it creates opacity in the tank which is essential for life of plastic. The middle Black Layer protects the water tank from harmful ultra-violet rays which could create harmful effects for the inner white layer. It gives more life to the tank which is important. The opacity effect prevents the growth of harmful bacteria, algae and other micro-organisms as they need sunlight to grow, but the opacity effect of black prevents thus from happening.


INNER LAYER White (with a pinch of blue)

This layer makes the water tank non-reactive. It gives clear visibility of water and is a symbol of cleanliness.



As the name suggests, this tank is more strenuous and competent in every aspect. This brand new launch of Prins Polytech is an ideal tank with unmatched features.

With five strong layers, it makes the tank more durable and hygienic.

FIRST LAYER:  This layer is a sheer gold layer which is 100% UV protected.

SECOND LAYER: The white layer is to increase the strength of the tank.

THIRD LAYER: The black layer is to protect the water from direct sunrays to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria.

FOURTH LAYER: This layer is also white in color and is responsible for making the tank more strenuous.

FIFTH LAYER: This black layer is made from virgin Food Grade material which is anti-oxidant and makes the water potable and hygienic.